Reviews Of Ultra Micro Fiber Glass Cloth, Allergy Relief Cleaning, Ontario

I had a couple of windows that were very dirty. I normaly use windex. Used the Micro fiber glass cloth and plain water on the windows. They cleaned the windows without streaks. No chemicals.

Characteristics of the Micro fiber glass cloth:

  • Cleans without chemicals.
  • Streak free finish. Polishes all smooth and glass surfaces.
  • Can be machine washed up to 500 times. Top of the line quality to last longer.

Micro fiber mop system

Tried the mop with water on a wood floor and a wall. Picked up the dirt with ease. Unlike many mops, the dirt clung to the micro fiber mop. Can be used on laminate, wood, granite, ceramic, concrete, linoleumfloors. Can be used with water or enviro-safe cleaning solutions. Can be washed up to 500 times.

Green Duster Clean Cloth

Thick cloth used for dusting among many other uses. Used the cloth to do dusting at my place.  Picked up the dust without water. Dust cloth can also be used wet for greasy areas.

Has a 3 year guarantee. Can be machine washed 500 times. The pink, white, yellow cloths can be used for washing dishes and do  all purpose cleaning. Withstands 250 machine washes.

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Allergy Relief Cleaning Services recommends these products as a beginning to improve the indoor air quality in your home.