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Suffering From Severe Asthma, Dust Mite Allergens, Pet Dander? Call 905-302-5120.

Is Your Household's Health At Risk? Getting allergy carpet cleaning in Mississauga, Ontario for your carpet will make it "look" better, but the Environmental Protection Agency alerts that a filthy carpet retains hidden toxins that you could not understand about like..

  • animal dander
  • lead
  • roach irritants
  • particle pollution
  • dead skin cells
  • hair
  • garment fibers
  • cement or paint particles
  • pesticide residue
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Walking on the carpet drives the contaminants deep into carpet fibers, which makes them inaccessible by vacuums and frequently overlooked by expert cleaners.  If left untreated, the little fragments draw in Dust Mites which are tiny bugs that leave behind everyday waste and feces of up to 200 times their body weight, if left without treatment.   All though the initial toxins are embedded tight in the fibers of your carpet, body parts and "left overs" from the allergens can quickly be breathed in when the area is walked on.

A carpet that is known to be a comfortable place to lay down with a blanket and pillow to view a film, or where a infant learns to crawl or walk is often instead a source of weird "creepy crawlies" and unsuspecting disorders.  Without removing these typical animals AND their "left overs" you may be leaving your loved ones subject to airborne illness, skin irritations and sinus inflamminations that add to snoring, sneezing and asthma.  Plus you'll have a carpet that appears to never get clean. Allergy carpet cleaning in Mississauga can help.

Guarantee On The Allergy Relief Treatment

To reveal our level of dedication to seeing  your carpets, furniture and mattresses are the cleanest they can be, we provide a 100% guarantee on the Allergy Relief Treatment.  That means if you do not find significant relief within 3 days of the allergy cleaning of  your carpets,  furniture, mattresses, we will refund your money for the Allergy Relief Treatment. Your money for the cleaning would not be refunded.